Real beauty comes from within.  
I would love to help you discover the real you, and help you develop your personal style. 
You can enhance your natural looks instantly, simply by wearing colours that compliment your features and designs that suit your shape.
  Hopefully I will change the way you feel, look and shop - forever.

A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Imagine... how would you feel if you knew....

How To Dress For Your Unique Body Shape
What Fashion Styles Should You Avoid
Dress With Colour Confidence
How To Co-ordinate your Wardrobe
How To Use Accessories To Flatter Your Body Shape

I offer closet consultation and styling, personal shopping, colour draping and body type analysis which provides all you need to look your best.

Every woman deserves to feel great in what she wears — no matter her size, silhouette, job, life stage or income. 
"One-on-one personal styling sessions are a fantastic way to learn tips on how to dress for your body shape and tricks on how to accentuate your best assets. 
You will be provided with professional advice on what look suits you best; whilst working within your budget. "
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